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Who we are

NetSensor is a company focused on the development of new technologies aimed at cybersecurity, which adds more than two decades of experience in the information security market, operating in areas of great criticalitysuch as internet provider, banks and other companies in the financial sector.

Studies on techniques for invading and exploiting vulnerabilities have given us insight into an innovative technology by perceiving present in the vast majority of cyber attacks and realizing that intelligence capable of quickly identifying such patterns could be used to recognize and neutralizemake attack attempts in their initial phase, before they could be carried out.

About us

It was with the restlessness of this vision that a bold dream emerged:


"Imagine your company being invisible to hackers, while still being visible to your customers."

After just over a decade, the dream came true with NetSensor, the flagship product of our security stack.

Analyzing needs, appeals from themarket and, mainly, analyzing real techniques and methods used by hackers, other technologies were idealized that act in other technological layers, forming a security stack that works together, increasing the scope and efficiency of protection against cyber attacks.

Our essence
What inspires us to imagine, dream, innovate and creatego every day.
NetSensor Essence

Sharp vision to see what has not yet been seen, creativity to imagine what does not yet exist and competence to do what has not yet been done!


Protect the world from cyber criminals.


Fight crime by combating theft, kidnapping, blackmail, extortion, espionage and other digital exploits, protecting businesses and people from cybercriminals.


Be the greatest ally in the fight against cybercrime and provide the smartest and most effective technologies to protect companies and people.


Innovation, vision, perception, intuition, creativity, quality, inspiration, detailtermination, ethics, trust, knowledge, effectiveness, precision, confidentiality, partnership, responsibility and seriousness.


We are not "one more", we do not do what others are already doing, we create innovative, intelligent, effective and unique technologies.

Our sponsorships

NetSensor is honored to receive recognition and sponsorship from two of the largest North American technology companies, Amazon and Microsoft. These giants are at the forefront of many of today's most important technologies, including the two largest cloud computing platforms on the planet, AWS and Azure.

Badge AWS Activate

In 2022, we celebrated our inclusion in Amazon's renowned international startup program, AWS Activate, after going through the company's entire evaluation and selection process.
This was a milestone that demonstrated the quality of our work and our innovative potential, capable of bringing new disruptive technologies to the market in the area of cybersecurity.

Badge Microsoft for Startups

The following year, in 2023, we were honored to be selected by Microsoft to be part of its prestigious international program for startups, the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.
This reaffirms our commitment to excellence and our capacity for technological innovation being recognized by yet another Silicon Valley giant.

These partnerships not only solidify our position as a leading company, but also provide us with exceptional resources and opportunities to continue to innovate and meet evolving market needs.
We are excited about what the future holds and committed to providing high-quality solutions to our customers!

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