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"Imagine your vulnerabilities

disappearing like magic..."

NetSensor Magic
"Imagine your vulnerabilities disappearing like magic..."
"Imagine your company invisible to hackers, while remaining visible to your customers."
Too good? Utopia? Impossible?
Technology research

After years of research and development, our customers' dream became reality through NetSensor Magic, a solution capable of covertly observing internet traffic, identifying patterns present in most cyber attacks, learning who is malicious and making your network invisible for these cybercriminals, while continuing to operate normally for your customers and business partners.

"Imagine your vulnerabilities
disappearing like magic..."

By recognizing malicious behavior patterns, NetSensor Magic is capable of creating a layer of invisibility, leaving the services that your company makes available on the Internet hidden from criminals. This way, information about services, including the identification of possible vulnerabilities present, disappears like magic.


Even a pentest or vulnerability analysis software against your structure exposed on the internet will be detected and neutralized by the NetSensor Magic protection layer, leaving your structure and the search for possible vulnerabilities invisible and undetectable.

Do you need to run a security test on your internet structure? Then request an access permission on NetSensor Magic.

Zero Day
Zero Day Vulnerability

With malicious behavior pattern recognition technology, it is possible to accurately identify malicious origins and neutralize them instantly, leaving your network invisible to these attackers, managing to protect your structure, including from still unknown threats and attacks that exploit a "Zero Day" vulnerability, without having to wait for the creation of "vaccines" or "signatures" that recognize these new attacks.

But what is NetSensor Magic?

It is an innovative technology, which brings to the market a new concept in the detection and mitigation of hacker activity, adding a new and powerful layer of security, with "zero" incidence of false positives and capable of bringing additional protection to your entire environment.

What is it for?
Technological image

NetSensor Magic was created to be a powerful ally in the most effective fight against a serious problem that has been growing on a frightening scale, that of cybercrimes, which are becoming more and more frequent, are increasingly closer and have been increasingly more successful.
It was designed for companies that provide IT (Information Technology), OT (Operational Technology) or IoT (Internet of Things) services on the Internet, using an on-premise or hybrid environment.

How it works?

Using concepts of artificial intelligence (machine learning), our technology is able to observe internet traffic in a completely transparent way, identify patterns present in most cyber attacks and block them in their initial stages, before they can be carried out.

How NetSensor works
What are the benefits?
NetSensor benefits

NetSensor Magic will make your company's security framework smarter by providing a new layer of security that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make decisions and automatically block sources of cyber attacks.
Each company will have its own reasons for deploying NetSensor Magic, which will vary from the size of the organization to its business niche.

We are certain that it is possible to greatly improve your company's security by installing NetSensor Magic.
If you are looking for a consistent tool, let NetSensor Magic suprise you.

Have a more efficient, robust and intelligent protection. Be invisible to hackers on the internet!

What makes NetSensor Magic different?
  • Automatic identification and blocking of cyber attacks.

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence concepts.

  • A new layer of security for your structure.

  • Efficiency against "Zero day" attacks.

  • Accuracy, with "zero" incidence of false positives.

  • Protection for IT, OT and IoT environments.

  • Edge security, bringing protection to internet routers and even your firewall.

NetSensor differentials
Where is it installed?
Estrutura sendo protegida por uma nova camada de segurança composta pelo NetSensor Magic.

Comprising Hardware and Software, NetSensor Magic is installed at the edge of the network, in front of your Firewall and even in front of the internet router. It analyzes traffic, identifies malicious sources and blocks cyber attacks automatically, proactively and without human intervention.

What changes in my structure?

NetSensor Magic works in a completely transparent way from a logical topology point of view, which allows it to be installed without having to make any changes to the network configurations of the existing structure.

Speed: The latency introduced into the network is extremely low, generally less than 1 millisecond (< 1ms).

Infrastructure changes

* Equipment properly sized for each environment guarantees low latency.


Through a dashboard, graphs and world map, NetSensor Magic provides an incredible experience of real-time visibility of detected and blocked attack attempts, with graphs and block statistics, IPs, countries, continents and services.
Monthly management reports with graphs and statistics complete the visibility experience of identified and neutralized attacks in your structure.

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