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Neural Network

A Threat Intelligence Network

spread across the planet


Present in

+20 countries

Constant learning about hackers and their favorite targets.
Become invisible to them!
Global presence
HackNet Points of Presence

With a global presence in more than 20 countries, NetSensor's artificial neural network has a multi-cloud structure encompassing AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and other local providers. It collects, analyzes and catalogues, in a hidden and undetectable way, information about hackers and their targets, providing "live", real and updated data about cyber criminals around the planet.

How it works?

Each HackNet point of presence functions as a neuron that learns about malicious sources seen across the Internet.
These neurons exchange information with each other, one learns from the learning of the other and form a large brain with knowledge about hacker activities that are happening in the world.

Artificial neural network image
What is it for?

HackNet was created to be a robust threat intelligence network dedicated to identifying and analyzing hacker activity around the world. Working like a radar, it tracks malicious traffic on the internet, mapping origins and targeted services. This powerful knowledge base enables proactive defense against cyber threats.

Integration with NetSensor Magic

NetSensor Magic has the ability to update itself with information from HackNet, using it to gain prior knowledge about hackers across the planet and leaving your company's network invisible to these criminals, while continuing to operate normally for your legitimate customers.

Integration with the existing structure
Datacenter with Artificial Intelligence

Integrate HackNet's intelligence with existing equipment in your environment. Through native integrations with leading networking and security equipment manufacturers, you can incorporate HackNet intelligence into your current infrastructure. This enables your devices to absorb prior knowledge about thousands of hackers around the world, making your structure invisible to them.

Native integration with Cisco, Fortinet, PaloAlto, Check Point, MikroTik, PfSense and others...

Threat intelligence

Stay up to date on activity detected by HackNet, identify the services most targeted by hackers, and adjust security in your environment based on activity and behavior variations observed globally.

HackNet site homepage

Visit and stay informed of the main hacker movements that are being seen by HACKNET.

What makes HackNet stand out?
NetSensor differentials
  • Continuous learning about hackers on a global scale.

  • Visibility in relation to the most targeted services.

  • Information constantly updated, with regular cleaning.

  • High effectiveness against truly active sources.

  • Proven efficiency against "Zero day" attacks.

  • Absolute precision, with no occurrence of false positives.

  • Protection for IT, OT and IoT environments.

  • Link between malicious sources and their business associations.

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