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Lupa analisando palavras representando análise de tráfego e encontrando conteúdo que secreto que abre o cadeado que também aparece na imagem.

Traffic analyzer

Discover  sensitive

and confidential data

being transmitted


Collection and analysis of sensitive and confidential data being transmitted in an insecure manner.

Equipment for infiltration of computer networks, with a focus on collecting and exploiting data that travels over internet links in an insecure manner, where sensitive and confidential information such as customer data, bank informations, user names, passwords and others access credentials can be captured to systems.

NetSpy physically infiltrates a strategic point on a network, in a totally transparent way, and collects data in a hidden and undetectable way, simulating an "information theft".

The results of the analysis of this data are used to identify points of vulnerability in data transmission and correct them before they are exploited by cyber criminals, which could allow the theft of confidential data and the use of this privileged information to damage the structure of the data. company technology or even carry out fraud, theft, blackmail and extortion.

No privileged or confidential information about the network is required, nor is it necessary to collect internal data from your private networks, only data that is already being sent to the "public network" of the internet.

You might be surprised by "hidden" and unidentified vulnerabilities in a communication network. Analyze, identify and correct them before they are exploited and fall into the hands of cyber criminals.

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