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Your Applications

With the power

of a firewall

and the intelligence

of your business

Your applications with the power of a Firewall and the intelligence of your business!

There is no doubt that the technological element you know most about your business are its applications.
Now imagine using this knowledge and all the intelligence of your applications to identify actions that do not comply with the behavior of your customers and the rules of your business.
Imagine analyzing suspicious behavior events, invalid access attempts, deviations from standards and other anomalies and, based on these events and metrics defined in a manner fully aligned with your business rules, having the power to automatically and proactively block anyone who is violating its rules.

AppSensor is the link capable of correlating events generated by your applications with the metrics of your business rules and, as soon as suspicious behavior is confirmed as being a threat to your application or your business, it immediately notifies NetSensor Magic which, in turn, it blocks the source of the threat, instantly stopping any traffic coming from that source, preventing a possible cyber attack, vulnerability exploitation or information theft from proceeding and being successful.

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