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Hacker exploit alert on your network.

​Hackers have exploited millions of devices owned by companies and individuals around the world. These devices become instruments in the hands of these criminals, who use them to spread malicious content and to generate attacks against other victims.
Legitimate owners of such equipment are often unaware that they are being exploited and used by criminals. For this reason, it is common for them to continue to be exploited, practically silently, for months, sometimes even years.
In these exploits, problems range from reduced equipment performance to serious security issues, as criminals, in many cases, have control over the equipment and access to the information contained therein.
In addition, there are legal issues, where the equipment may, for example, appear in criminal investigations because it is the source of cyber attacks or, even, because it is the source of leaks of information regulated by data protection laws as LGPD and GDPR.

HackNet Points of Presence

NetSensor has an artificial neural network spread across the world, HackNet, present in more than 20 countries, which collects, analyzes and catalogs information about hacker activities across the planet.
This threat intelligence network identifies daily thousands of devices carrying out hacking activity around the world. It has already identified several botnets around the world, including a large network with more than 40,000 devices, belonging to more than 10,000 different companies, being used for DDoS attacks (read more here).
Through an alert service present in this network, HackAlert, those responsible for the IP addresses of these devices can be warned whenever any malicious activity is detected coming from their structure, allowing them to quickly become aware and obtain important information about an exploit that happening on your network.

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