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Excellence in Cybersecurity
Internationally recognized Security Posture

NetSensor is honored to be awarded the highest security rating by two of the largest risk rating and security posture companies in the world, SecurityScorecard and Mastercard RiskRecon.

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These renowned companies are recognized for their comprehensive and rigorous assessments of the security practices of millions of companies around the world.

This achievement not only reflects NetSensor's competence in cybersecurity, but also highlights its dedication to protecting both its customers and its own structure.

Prominent position
"Perfect Score" on all assessment criteria
NetSensor Score
"A" Cybersecurity rating

NetSensor has an "A" rating in cybersecurity, given by the prestigious North Americans risk rating company SecurityScorecard and by Mastercard's RiskRecon.

Perfect Score

In addition to recognition for our high security posture, NetSensor joined the illustrious and select group of companies that achieved the so-called "Perfect Score", achieving the highest score in the SecurityScorecard and Mastercard RiskRecon rankings.
This group currently comprises less than 1% of the companies evaluated worldwide.

Perfect Score in SecurityScorecard
Average score of  Technology industry

What is the average for the technology industry?

NetSensor has achieved a prominent position in the cybersecurity market, differing from the global average for technology companies, whose current score is "88", which gives the sector a "B" rating.

Who is SecurityScorecard?


SecurityScorecard is the world leader in the security maturity rating segment. Ranked prominently in Gartner and Forrester, it is widely recognized for its comprehensive and rigorous assessment of the security practices of millions of companies around the world. Its in-depth assessments include continuous vulnerability monitoring, cross-domain security ratings, and industry benchmarks.

SecurityScorecard's credibility is widely respected in the cybersecurity landscape, making NetSensor's achievement even more important.

Who is the SecurityScorecard

Who is RiskRecon by Mastercard?

RiskRecon is a Mastercard's company, present on Gartner, which operates in the same segment as SecurityScorecard, making a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of the security practices of companies around the world.

Analysis and classification methodology

SecurityScorecard rates organizations on a scale of "A" to "F" (0-100 points). It calculates scores based on 10 important risk factors.

Compared to an "A" rating, companies that receive an "F" rating are 7.7x more likely to be affected by a data breach, based on data from more than 12 million company ratings worldwide.

NetSensor Perfect Score details
A radar graph with NetSensor evaluations in comparison with Technology industry

Importance of security posture

At a time when cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, it is essential that companies are aware of both their own security posture and the security posture of their partners and suppliers, as statistics show that around 60% of security incidents originate from the exploitation of third parties.

​For this reason, it is essential that companies are careful when choosing their partners and suppliers. They select companies with a high security posture, thus reducing the likelihood of security incidents, information leaks and even business continuity problems.

NetSensor continually invests in innovation and security practices to increase the protection of our customers in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging digital environment.


NetSensor's cybersecurity posture is assessed with 100% positive indicators of compliance with all 32 industry standards analyzed.
Among them are:

  • NIST

  • ISO 27001

  • CSA

  • CIS

  • GDPR

  • LGPD

  • PCI


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