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Artificial Neural Network to Strengthen Cybersecurity: Discover HACKNET

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Discover Hacknet, an artificial neural network to increase your organization's cybersecurity.

The more complex the technology becomes, the more vulnerabilities it presents.

Even with ongoing maintenance on their systems, they could still be vulnerable to malicious hackers. Of course, keeping your systems always up-to-date increases protection, but that doesn't guarantee they will become impenetrable.

To maximize protection, it is necessary to seek a combination of the best tools and strategies. Continuous monitoring is undoubtedly one of the best ways to detect a malicious user early in an attack. That's exactly what Hacknet is all about: constantly monitoring the behavior of hackers around the world.

Monitoring: Your Best Line of Defense

Many of the digital threats can be neutralized if they are identified quickly. With the right knowledge and resources, you can act as soon as malicious hackers try to access your network.

Hacknet is an artificial neural network project aimed at cybersecurity that collects, analyzes and catalogs information about recently detected hacking activities in different parts of the planet.

This information helps identify changing patterns in hacking moves and new services that are being targeted by cybercriminals. From there, security analysts can make adjustments and increase care and attention to new targets that are being searched for on the internet.

In addition, a summary of hacking activity is made available daily on the Hacknet website – including the services most sought by hackers, the countries that generated the most hacking activity and the spots where these activities were detected.

Benefits of Hacknet Monitoring

Hacknet has resources to provide you with relevant information that allows you to identify issues that become threats to your network.

It is a technology that provides information that can be used to generate important cybersecurity benefits:

  • Faster threat detection

Constant monitoring of hacker activity allows real-time identification of these threats. That is, you gain the ability to detect suspicious activity and block them before they launch an attack.

Furthermore, combined with an intelligent solution like NetSensor it is possible to further reduce security threats. Through its Artificial Intelligence system, NetSensor is able to instantly detect malicious traffic and immediately block its origin.

In other words, when installing Netsensor in your infrastructure, you start to receive information from Hacknet automatically - increasing your security even more.

  • 24/7 Threat Monitoring

Cybercriminals often target organizations outside of business hours, on weekends and holidays, when the chances of detection are less likely. Your IT team sleeps, takes vacations, and often ends up not monitoring your network 24/7.

That's why Hacknet is always online and has the ability to detect suspicious activity at any time of day or night.

  • Your network structure invisible to hackers and visible to your customers

Combining the information collected by Hacknet with other NetSensor security tools, it becomes possible to automate malicious traffic blocking functionality, making your network invisible to hackers who are looking for vulnerabilities in your environment, adding important layers of security that promote an improvement significant in your company's access structure.

Do you want to increase cybersecurity and stay up to date on hacking activities?

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