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Brazil, the “bad boy”

Brazil, the 'bad boy' among the most offensive on the planet

The Threat Intelligence

We can increasingly see the importance of threat intelligence as a support tool to understand the current scenario of digital threats, to learn about attackers, their techniques, their targets, their movements and trends.

The constant evolution of communication networks, computer systems and the facilities of cloud environments has enabled many new monitoring, analysis and intelligence services to be created, giving us more and more visibility and detail on the scenario of this “cyber war”.

These facilities allowed many technology companies to also start working in the area of threat intelligence, as well as providing an opportunity for the emergence of new companies focused on this area.

Reports and statistics

With the diversity of sources of information and analysis on these risks, we see more and more reports being released by companies in the area, giving us views that we once did not have. Among so much valuable information, several threat intelligence companies have shown in their reports that Brazil is among the biggest targets of cyber criminals. BlackBerry recently released its report “Global Threat Intelligence Report Q4 2022”, in which Brazil occupies the 3rd position in the ranking of countries where its security system most identified attacks.

Source: Global Threat Intelligence Report Q4 2022

Brazil, one of the biggest cyber attackers on the planet

What perhaps many people do not know is that Brazil is not only "the victim" in this scenario, but that it also stands out as one of the biggest cyber offenders on the planet, always being present among the "top 10" countries that generate the most malicious traffics against the world.

When we analyze a slightly larger ranking, that of the “top 20” greatest attackers, although some countries with less technological representation such as Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia are constantly present, they are characterized more as being victims who serve as "hosts" for actions hackers from other countries, and not with the real origins of the threats.

However, in the case of Brazil, the scenario is a little different, as there is a large legion of hackers, with different levels of technical knowledge and we are motivated by the most diverse interests, working both for "good" and for "evil".

NETSENSOR, through its artificial neural network designed to identify the sources of malicious traffic, called HACKNET, shows Brazil as a constant figure in the list of the “top 10”, generally transiting between the 6th and 10th place in the ranking of the biggest cyber offenders in the world. planet.

Method of data collection and analysis

The company's artificial neural network has a mesh currently made up of 11 points of presence spread around the world, present in 10 countries, in a multi-cloud structure, involving AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud, in addition to a local provider to get where the big clouds are not present.

These points exchange information with each other, forming a large network of collection and analysis, with “live” information about hackers seen in recent activity around the world.

Neural network collection and analysis points (

NETSENSOR also has a system based on machine learning (machine learning) for detecting malicious traffic against corporate environments, which collects and analyzes information about threats that were identified and neutralized while trying to perform some type of malicious action against the company's network. . This system has also shown in its reports and dashboards that Brazil is constantly among the 10 most offensive countries in the world.

NETSENSOR report (

Conclusion and final reflection

“If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither your enemy nor yourself, you will lose every battle.” - Sun Tzu's Art of War

In times of cyber war, threat intelligence brings us valuable knowledge, giving us important visibility on the scenario we are facing, allowing us to know a little more about our “enemies”, the origins of the attacks, their main targets and the techniques used. they used. In addition, it also gives us the chance to evolve our self-knowledge, providing subsidies to analyze and reflect on our own environment, allowing us to act proactively in mitigating risks, working better on our vulnerabilities, as we come to know more details about the threats that are lurking around us, through the shadows of the internet.

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