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Cyber Zombie Apocalypse

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Are we prepared for a massive cyber collapse?

In some conversations and opportunities I have raised the subject of this theory, that of a cybernetic collapse of great proportions, leading us to a technological blackout and throwing us directly into an era without any of the technologies and facilities that we have known in the last 20 years and from which we We become more and more dependent.

Even now, in December 2022, I raised this issue on the Microservices panel at TDC (The Developer's Conference).

Well, after some day this was the forecast released at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, last Wednesday, 01/18/2023. The “Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023” report reveals that 93% of cybersecurity experts and 86% of business leaders believe a “catastrophic cyberattack” could occur within the next 2 years.

But after all, how could this impact our life? How about we play with our imagination a little?

Are we going to draw an overview of this possible chaos, analyzing the collapse of an important sector of our current society, the financial system?

Imagine waking up one day (not so beautiful) and the entire banking and payments system is unavailable. And imagine this persisting for several days.

You go to several gas stations to fill up your vehicle, which is almost empty, and you discover that you cannot pay with any digital means. Only then do you realize that you practically do not carry cash.

Go to the supermarket and none of the cards work, try to make a PIX and nothing.

Worried about all this, you run to an ATM to withdraw some money and see the message on the screen that it is unavailable.

Then he quickly goes to a bank branch and at the entrance he already receives the information that the system has been out for a few days and there is no expected return.

You get out of the seat and try to start your car, but the fuel has run out. Automatically you open the Uber application and realize that it doesn't work, since you can't put anything on your credit card.

With no alternative, you walk back home, thinking about what you are going to do. When he arrives, tired, he opens the fridge and sees that things are running out...

At the same time you think of that great app for ordering food, but the situation is exactly the same.

In short, you can no longer make or receive any electronic payments.

And on the global stage, companies are unable to carry out any financial operations, trade does not sell and vehicles stop because they cannot be refueled.

Our current society begins to grind to a halt and collapse.

Now do an exercise and try to imagine this in other areas, such as telecommunications, healthcare and air transport.

Is this really possible? Are we on the verge of one of the biggest crises of recent times?

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