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HACKNET arrives in India. 🇮🇳

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

On 09/20/2022, the newest traffic analysis point of HACKNET, located in Mumbai, the economic center and largest city in India, went live.

The activation of the new point of analysis was in celebration of NETSENSOR's partnership with the largest Cloud on the planet, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With this expansion of the coverage fabric, HACKNET will achieve a greater ability to collect hacking activities and, above all, it will be able to respond more quickly in defense against cyber criminals, including the search and exploitation of vulnerabilities recently discovered by hackers, those vulnerabilities still not "cataloged" nor protected by traditional security systems, the so-called "zero-day vulnerabilities".

NETSENSOR, in addition to providing effective and differentiated security solutions, is also committed to investing part of its revenues in investments to return to its customers more and more precision and quality in cybersecurity.

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