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HACKNET arrives in Russia. 🇷🇺

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

In a new experience with a European provider present in Russia, NetSensor arrives in the largest country in the world in territorial extension, putting into operation this Saturday, July 09th, the newest HACKNET unit, located in Moscow.

"Russia has stricter legislation that imposes more restrictions on the location of data, which has already led technology market giants to leave the country.

Let's face this challenge and analyze what this new experience will be like."

A year ago, NetSensor wanted to have a point of presence in Russia. Now, the company hopes that the data collected at its new facility in the Russian capital will further increase the efficiency of its Artificial Neural Network, HACKNET. The expectation is to further increase the ability to identify hacker activity and, above all, to be able to respond more quickly in defense against cyber criminals, including the search and exploitation of vulnerabilities recently discovered by hackers, those vulnerabilities not yet "cataloged" or protected. by traditional security systems, the so-called "zero-day vulnerabilities". Read too:

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