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How Hackers Exploit a “Zero Day” Vulnerability

Updated: May 5

Understand how hackers find and exploit "Zero Day" vulnerabilities.

With the proliferation and dispersion of data and systems on the Internet, especially in the post-pandemic context, further driven by the mass adoption of cloud environments, the increase in attack surfaces has grown very quickly.

This resulted in an increase in searches to find these possible "access doors", which, naturally, evolved more and more, with automated processes and large knowledge bases about everything that is exposed on the Internet, with detailed information about each of the services found.

Furthermore, the increasing professionalization of cybercrime, sometimes supported by nations with shady intentions, has resulted in the identification of thousands of system breaches in recent years, varying in terms of criticality, complexity and degree of exposure. This has fostered a large and lucrative digital crime market, driven by supposed anonymity and the opportunism of obtaining high financial gains in a short period of time.

In this video, NetSensor presents in a simplified and playful way the process of exploiting "Zero Day" vulnerabilities, which are newly discovered vulnerabilities and, often, still without any protection measures available.

Understand what happens from the search for finding these loopholes to the exploitation of victims.

NetSensor is a company specialized in cybersecurity solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, which develops solutions capable of helping to mitigate this and other problems.

Our technologies analyze internet traffic and identify behavior patterns present in most cyber attacks. Based on these characteristics, it is possible to accurately identify malicious origins and neutralize them instantly, leaving your network, including your edge devices, invisible to these attackers, protecting your structure from even unknown threats and attacks that exploit vulnerabilities. Zero Day", without having to wait for the creation of "vaccines" or "signatures" that recognize these new attacks.

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