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NETSENSOR increases your investment in Cloud resources by 20x

Updated: Feb 17

In an interval of just 3 months, NETSENSOR increased its investment in Cloud resources by 20x, mainly in the expansion of the coverage area of its artificial cybersecurity neural network, called HACKNET.

In the very first days of its existence, HACKNET already proved to be highly efficient in identifying hacking activities and in its ability to provide an additional layer of protection that was highly effective in combating cybercrime, which motivated the investment in the technology.

With this expansion of the coverage fabric, HACKNET will achieve a greater ability to collect hacker activity and, above all, will be able to respond more quickly in defense against the search and exploitation of newly discovered vulnerabilities by hackers, those vulnerabilities not yet "cataloged"nor protected by traditional security systems, the so-called "zero-day vulnerabilities".

"A zero-day-vulnerability is a software vulnerability discovered by attackers before the vendor has become aware of it. Because the vendors are unaware, no patch exists for zero-day vulnerabilities, making attacks likely to succeed."

Currently, the network is already present on 5 continents and has a multi-cloud structure involving AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

The company's expectation for 2022 is to further increase investments and expand HACKNET's coverage network to other parts of the planet.

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