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New HACKNET site in South Africa. 🇿🇦

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

On 06/16/2022, the newest HACKNET traffic analysis point, located in Cape Town, South Africa, went live.

In its first week of operation, the African unit surprised us, exceeding all expectations.

On the first day, it already occupied the first place in the ranking of units with the highest identification of attacks, surpassing by more than 50% the amount of the second place. Since then, the unit has never left the top of the list, surpassing by almost 80% the second place a few days later.

The deployment of the new unit resulted in an important increase of almost 20% in the entire HACKNET knowledge base regarding active attack sources in the world.

With this expansion of the coverage fabric, HACKNET will achieve a greater ability to collect hacking activities and, above all, it will be able to respond more quickly in defense against cyber criminals, including the search and exploitation of vulnerabilities recently discovered by hackers, those vulnerabilities still not "cataloged" nor protected by traditional security systems, the so-called "zero-day vulnerabilities".

The activation of the new traffic analysis point was in celebration of a commercial negotiation with an important client of the company.

NETSENSOR, in addition to providing effective and differentiated security solutions, is also committed to investing part of its income in investments to return to its customers even more precision and quality in cybersecurity.

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