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Brazil in the crosshairs of Cyber Attacks

Updated: Apr 24

Aim of a gun pointing at the Brazilian flag.
Brazil climbs the ranking of countries targeted by cyber attacks.

We live in a time in which traditional wars, which involve soldiers and physical weapons, are generating another parallel war, Cyber War, in which hackers use their advanced knowledge of technology and countless virtual weapons to attack their enemy, trying to compromise strategic points of interest. its telecommunications network, systems and critical infrastructures.

In this context, as important as analyzing the physical movements and actions of enemy troops is observing and analyzing movements in cyber territory.

HACKNET is an internet traffic observation network that currently has points of presence in 17 countries, collecting and analyzing hacker traffic from all over the world.

With the current scenario of tension due to the war between Israel and Hamas, coupled with hacker groups declaring Cyber War against these and other countries that declare support for either side, we see Brazil joining the list of cyber targets.

Analyzing the traffic data detected by HACKNET in the last 30 days, one can see an increase in Brazil's position in the ranking of the 17 countries that have HACKNET presence and observation points.

Gráfico mostrando a posição do Brasil nos últimos 30 dias
Brazil's position in the ranking of countries that received the most hacker traffic

The last 10 days show a noticeable increase in the interest that Brazil is arousing as a target for hackers from around the world.

Observing movements both in enemy cyber territory and movements within our own territory is of great importance so that we can identify possible strategies of enemy minds.

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