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European Union under attack

Updated: Apr 24

Imagem de um hacker e a bandeira da União Europeia

An increased hacker activity is being identified in the European Union (EU), where we are noticing a series of attempted exploits against countries in the region. The attacks were detected by HackNet's threat intelligence network, which identified suspicious activity targeting EU assets.

The first five countries in the ranking of attack detections were exactly the five members of the European Union where HackNet has points of presence, leaving behind countries such as Russia, China, the United States and South Korea.

This correlation underscores the importance of threat intelligence networks like HackNet, which not only identify attacks but also offer valuable insights into hackers' tactics and targets.

Estatísticas da HackNet mostrando os 5 países da União Eurpoia com principal alvo de ataques.

The need for a proactive approach to protecting business structures becomes evident in this challenging and highly dynamic scenario, where the targets and tactics of cyber criminals are rapidly and constantly changing. Understanding hackers' movements is essential to anticipate and mitigate possible threats.

Organizations must adopt protection strategies that go beyond simply reacting to incidents, incorporating a preventive stance based on threat intelligence.

HackNet highlights the importance of collaboration and information sharing to strengthen cyber defenses. Security is a collective responsibility, and early threat detection is an essential component of ensuring systems integrity and resilience.

Cybersecurity is a vital part of business strategy and investing in threat intelligence is a crucial step to keeping our systems secure in an increasingly complex and threatened digital environment.

Remaining vigilant and adopting proactive measures to protect critical infrastructures against cyber threats is fundamental to the sustainability of a business.

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