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Intense hacker movement from Namibia!

Updated: Apr 24

Hacker no deserto
Source: Generative AI

NetSensor observed an intense hacker movement starting from Namibia and arriving in 14 of the 16 countries that make up its threat intelligence network, HackNet.

Analyzing records in clients' corporate networks, this same movement was also identified.

Mapa mundi com Hacker detectados nos países

The traffic originated from 668 different IPs, all belonging to the company "Telecom Namibia".

For the first time, the country entered the ranking of the "Top 5" countries with the most sources of malicious traffic detected on the HackNet network, ahead of countries such as Russia and Brazil.

Top 20 países com mais Hackers detectados

In a non-intrusive analysis of these devices, several pieces of equipment were observed with a low level of security and exposing services such as management console, FTP server and SNMP service, which probably reveals an exploitation of these assets that are now reinforcing the artillery of one or more groups of cybercriminals.

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