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HackNet Chile - New unit is part of the network's expansion strategy in South America

Photo of the city of Santiago, Chile, with the Chilean flag and HackNet logo

In an important step towards strengthening cybersecurity capabilities in South America, HackNet, a threat intelligence network present in 20 countries, opened its new observation point in Santiago, Chile.

Main Highlights:

  1. Strategic Expansion: The launch of the observation point in Chile marks the beginning of NetSensor's strategies to consolidate the presence of its threat intelligence network in South America, a region where until then it was only present in São Paulo, Brazil.

  2. Detection capability: The new HackNet unit will expand threat analysis capabilities, both in South America and globally. It will provide valuable insights into emerging threats, as well as enabling faster responses to detect hacker activity in the region.

  3. Regional Impact: Strategically positioning a point of presence in Chile, NetSensor seeks positive developments in its cybersecurity ecosystem, especially in the protection of structures located in South America.

Statement by NetSensor CEO, André Barreto dos Santos:

"The launch of the observation point in Chile marks the beginning of a strategic plan for NetSensor. For some time now, we have noticed a little explored potential in South America for detecting hacker activities. It is a huge region, with great potential, but which has not received the attention it deserves from most technology companies.

We heard concerns from cybersecurity experts, wanting to look more into what is happening in Latin America and that the findings could be used to improve the lines of defense of structures located in the region.

NetSensor is committed to bringing new, intelligent cyber defense technologies to Latin American organizations.

Through new partnerships we are strategically expanding our threat intelligence network to provide accurate solutions to the challenges facing businesses and governments around the world."

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