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NetSensor identifies hacker activity in Russia 25 days before news broke to the world.

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

NetSensor disclosed on its social network that it had identified and mapped, through its artificial neural network called HackNet, an increased hacker movement in Russia, which had persisted for 14 days, since March 6th. In the post, NetSensor asks the following question:

- Could it be that the Russian Federation is preparing something and "testing it indoors" before pointing to its possible targets?

Well, on the 31st of March, 25 days after being detected by the NetSensor intelligence network, the world was surprised with the news of a leak of documents that showed Russian plans, where the Russian secret services would be plotting, with the help of Moscow IT company, attacks against all over the world, including critical infrastructure facilities, nuclear power plant, rail, air and sea transport:

  • "Russia plans massive global cyberattacks"

  • "Attacks against systems around the world, including against critical infrastructure facilities."

  • “Spreading massive disinformation, carrying out operations with hackers and controlling sectors of the internet”

  • "Disable rail, air and maritime transport control systems" and "disrupt the functions of energy companies and critical infrastructure"

  • "Using special software to derail trains or paralyze airport computers"

  • “Map with circles in strategic US regions and details of a Swiss nuclear power plant”


🇧🇷 Intelligence service 100% "Made in Brazil" 🇧🇷

NetSensor is proud to be a Brazilian company developing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence aimed at identifying and defending against cyber attacks.

Our threat intelligence network not only protects our customers but also gives us greater visibility into attackers around the world and their targets.

News released on the NetSensor social network, on March 20

Signals of hacker movement in Russian territory. For 2 weeks HackNet, NetSensor's artificial neural network, has detected an increased hacker movement in Russia.

Oscillations in hacker movements between countries are normal, but the increase persisting for 14 consecutive days is something very unusual.

Could it be that the Russian Federation is preparing something and "testing it indoors" before pointing to its possible targets?

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