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NetSensor begins the presentation circuit of its technology.

Updated: Apr 24

NetSensor opened the 2024 circuit of in-person presentations of its technologies at the event SecOps Summit 2024, event that moved the Security and Operations area in southern Brazil on the 7th, 8th and 9th of March.

There were 3 days of lectures with professionals in the field talking about the most diverse topics in Sec and Ops.

We had the pleasure of participating in the first edition of the event, where we presented NetSensor on a stand that moved the exhibitor area, with live demonstrations of a "simulation of hacker activity against a corporate environment" and showed the NetSensor technology NetSensor Magic in action, identifying and neutralizing hacker action in less than 1 second, in a completely transparent and automatic way, without any human intervention.

The lecture can be watched in full on the NetSensor YouTube channel.

We thank everyone who attended the event, visited our stand, interacted, asked questions and opened their minds to the new, the disruptive and let NetSensor surprise them!

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