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New technologycal partnership between NetSensor and HSC Labs

Updated: Mar 4

Image with news of the partnership and the logos of NetSensor, HackNet and HSC Labs.
NetSensor and HSC Labs Partnership

It is with great satisfaction that we officially announce the completion of the strategic and technological partnership between NetSensor and HSC Labs.

NetSensor always seeks partnerships that add value to our commitment to excellence and innovation. By consolidating this alliance with HSC, we are not only strengthening our organizations, but also creating synergies that will benefit our customers and employees.

Over the past few months, we have worked to develop a joint strategy that makes the most of the capabilities of both companies. We firmly believe that the combination of NetSensor's expertise, combined with HSC's experience, will uniquely position us to face market challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

We are confident that this partnership will not only boost our business but also open new horizons for technological innovation and growth. We look forward to following a successful path together, building a solid and lasting collaboration.

We are humbled by the trust placed in HSC and are ready to write the next chapters of this exciting journey. We are convinced that, by joining our forces, we will reach greater heights and achieve our common goals.

About the partnership:

- NetSensor will provide information from its own Threat Intelligence network, HackNet, to reinforce the knowledge base of Smart Defender, HSC's Advanced Threat Protection platform.

HackNet will also be used as an extra layer of security for HSC's technology structure.

- HSC will position HackNet at points of presence in strategic networks, strengthening the ability to collect and analyze hacker traffic, mainly in Brazilian territory.

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