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HackNet Expansion in 2023: 10 More Countries Around the World

HackNet expansion 2023 map

December 31, 2023

As the year 2023 comes to a close, NetSensor celebrates its territorial expansion, an important milestone in its mission to protect organizations around the world. During this year, the company expanded its threat intelligence network, HackNet, to another 10 countries, reaching a total of 21 nations with internet traffic observation points.

HackNet, a key piece in NetSensor's security stack against cyber threats, has demonstrated its effectiveness by strategically expanding into new territories. This initiative not only strengthened the efficiency of its technologies, but also solidified important partnerships to further expand hacker detection capabilities around the world in 2024, providing increasingly effective protection of critical infrastructures and sensitive data.

With the addition of the 10 new countries, NetSensor has expanded its observability in strategic financial and technology hubs, offering more comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for a variety of industries.

NetSensor CEO André Barreto dos Santos commented on this expansion: "We are proud of HackNet, a threat intelligence network that constantly surprises us positively with its results, insights and visibility into hackers around the world. Cybersecurity does not has borders and we are committed to further leveraging this strong global network to defend against digital threats, and HackNet's expansion to these 10 new countries is a vital step towards that goal."

Throughout 2023, NetSensor continued to invest in research and development to further enhance HackNet and other products in its cybersecurity stack. The application of advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies such as machine learning and behavioral analysis ensures that the company remains ahead of the evasive tactics employed by cybercriminals.

With HackNet's presence now extended to 21 countries, NetSensor reaffirms its commitment to global cybersecurity. The company is positioned as a visionary company in the fight against digital threats, and its ongoing efforts promise to positively shape the cybersecurity landscape in 2024 and beyond.

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