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South America emerges as a leader in hacker detection, redefining cybersecurity paradigms!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

World map with a target mark above the Chile region

In an impressive and unexpected development, South America has emerged as a world leader in identifying hacker activities, redefining established cybersecurity paradigms in the region.

The highlight of this rise is the new HackNet observation unit, located in Chile, which has led the detection ranking for the last 10 consecutive days.

NetSensor has placed Chile in the spotlight, positioning South America as a consolidated leader in the identification of digital threats. The new unit, operating in Santiago, has exceeded all expectations by leading the global hacker detection rankings like never before seen in the history of HackNet.

HackNet dashboard showing Chile as a leader in hacker detection

NetSensor's CEO, André Barreto dos Santos, expressed his satisfaction with the results: "This achievement is proof of South America's great potential in boosting global cybersecurity. The unit in Chile is at the pinnacle of detecting hacker activities, giving us a new perspective on how we approach and neutralize digital threats.”

The consistency, effectiveness and exceptional results demonstrated by the Chilean unit solidify NetSensor's strategic planning to expand its threat intelligence network, HackNet, in various parts of South America.

This important milestone not only highlights HackNet's excellence in detecting hackers around the world, but also puts South America in the spotlight of new cybersecurity strategies. The expectation is that this leadership will inspire changes and innovations in protection against digital threats.

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